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Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/10/2017


The Minister of Tourism, Hon. Semisi Sika and the Minister of Finance, Hon. Pohiva Tu’ionetoa were at the airport early this morning to warmly welcome the second group of the Mate Ma’a Tonga team.


The scene was indeed a sight to see fans got a little wild with the honking of their cars and vehicles while blasting their speakers to the loudest they could, the Mate Ma’a Tonga song playing in the background.


Included in this group was William Hopoate one of the most outstanding players of the Canterbury bulldogs, Australia, who has vied to play for Tonga in the Rugby World Cup for this year.


Hundreds of supporters who were present at the airport yesterday and this morning expressed their joy and one said this is the team that will take Tonga to the top line- up in world rugby league.


Fans from as young as a seven-year-old boy Siu Kolomalu expressed his happiness in getting to see the teams in person as rugby is his passion and hopes to be like one of these players in the future.


In honor of their arrival, a parade was held by the supporters from families and friends while the official parade will take place on Saturday.


Not only this, but people of the villages and communities also welcomed the rugby league stars when they travelled from the airport to Nuku’alofa.


The people of Vaini really showed how supportive they were as they lighted a fire in the middle of the road to stop the bus so they could get in, greet and embrace the players. What a way to stop the bus!

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