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Significant for the public to know more about their tax.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/10/2017


The Ministry of Revenue and Customs is hosting for the first time a special week campaign on Revenue and Tax which aims at clarifying the reasons for tax collection and a closer working relationship with the public.


The theme for next week is: Revenue from the community for the community.


Kelemete Vahe of the Ministry says, they will highlight the main taxes paid by the public such as Pay as you Earn – PAYE, the income tax, corporate tax and excise tax.


This includes the tax imposed on foreign products and customs and duties.


He adds sometimes there are some people who evade payment of taxes but he believes if the reasons are understood by the public then they would know why they have to collect the revenue and taxes.


There will be various programs from Monday to Sunday such as essay, poetry and skits competitions, float parade along the Taufa’ahau Road and a Sunday Service.


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