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Continue striving for gender equality for women


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/10/2017


A Regional Workshop is underway in Nuku’alofa with the aim to continue striving for gender equality.


Part of the program is promoting evidence based policy making for gender equality in supporting the implementation of the Strategic Development framework 2015-2025 as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.


The workshop focuses on gender and health by looking at re-productive health and – Non Communicable Diseases – NCDs issues which will enable planners to develop gender indicators in which it can be included in the implementation and development of the program.


The Deputy Director for Women’s Affair Divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Polotu Paunga says, this is because Tonga is still lacking behind.


“Well, existing indicators – in the last global plan, the MDG’s; the third goal was gender equality in women’s and parliament and that was one of the goals we were lacking behind so it was a global goal but Tonga was behind so yes I would say we need to continue the strive for gender equality here in Tonga because we are still lacking behind in a lot of areas.”


There’s hope that the planners of the Ministry of Health will acquire the skills to collect gender indicators and also to build the network on gender focal points in the Ministy and other organizations.


This is the second time the Asian Development Bank has provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Attending this program was representatives from the Ministry of Health, Agriculture, Fisheries, MEIDECC, and also Non-Government Organizations.


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