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Vital to preserve traditional knowledge on weather forecast for future generations


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/10/2017


A workshop is currently underway in Nuku’alofa on the importance of value and preserving our traditional knowledge on Forecasting and predicting our weather patterns.


The Acting CEO of MEIDECC – Leveni ‘Aho says this initiative will benefit the country as a whole.


He says, traditional knowledge is being eroded for various reasons but we can maintain it by collecting as much information as possible from elderlies.


“One of the challenges in conveying the weather and climate information is that the language is too technical and at times not understood, through this project, traditional knowledge will be used to improve the delivery and the understanding of climate forecast.”


The workshop is funded by the Australian Government where Madeline Scott from the High Commission’s office says, they are happy to support this move as they are aware of Tonga’s vulnerability to the increasing risks from Climate Change.


“Your ancestors who are able to predict and cope with these changes and not by reading computer reports but by reading the signs of the plants and the animals around them, the temperatures and the rain and the stars in the sky. For my part, eventhough ive just been in tonga for a very short time, people are very keen to tell me that the bread fruit signs are very important. So this training will teach you on how your ancestor and other ancestors in the pacific predicted and forecasted cyclone and weather. This will ensure that these are not lost.”


The workshop is attended by related stakeholders from Government Ministries and NGOs.


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