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Japan assisted three new classrooms for GPS Haveluloto and Tofoa

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/10/2017


The Prime Minister – Hon. ‘Akilisi Pohiva marked the completion of the construction of GPS Haveluloto and Tofoa’s new building yesterday, a project funded by the Government of Japan.  The building includes 3 classrooms.


The school over the years had a lot of students’ enrolled taking up more space in the classroom therefore asking for assistance from Japan.


The Ambassador of Japan to Tonga, H.E. Yukio Numata, on his last project in Tonga appreciates the efforts of the Parents and Teachers Association – PTA hopes that the students will make use of this building so that students in the future will be able to use it as well and that parents should make their children’s education a priority.


“It is my delight that we have completed the project that will strengthen the loving quality for the children here in GPS Havelu-Tofoa. This school is popular due to its devoted teacher’s high performance and student’s results in the national exams. The popularity on the other hand has led to the shortage of classroom.  Thus today, we present this new building with three new classrooms. Dear students, we hope that these classrooms will help you improve your learning environment so that all of you grow into the strong and responsible individuals to uphold the future society of Tonga. I wish you best of luck in your everyday studies.Since this is my final GGP project to hand-over in Tonga, I would like to close my remarks by applauding the effort of the PTA and to continue to encourage all PTA’s in Tonga to prioritize our children’s education.”


The principal of GPS Haveluloto and Tofoa says that having more students in one classroom has been a problem over the years for the school but today, they are now able to enjoy the privilege of dividing up the students to fit one classroom.


This assistance was worth 80thousand US dollars or equivalent to 100thousand pa’anga.


Attending this commissioning program was the Minister of Education, Hon. Penisimani Fifita and also the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Semisi Sika.


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