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Goods imported from NZ to Tonga every year are unhealthy

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/10/2017


Tonga is among countries in the Pacific that imports goods from NZ that are not healthy which includes mutton flaps, high-fat corned beef as well as sugary foods such as biscuits, and sugary soda. MG


The owner of the Customs Department, Kelemete Vahe says about 10 tonnes of goods imported from New Zealand every year that contributes to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s).


He denied claims from media reports saying that 2 tonnes of good from NZ are being shipped to Tonga when in fact, it’s more than that.


This was his comment after media reports from New Zealand said that only 2 tonnes of goods from New Zealand are being imported into Tonga – while the reports about these goods being unhealthy were however true.


He adds that 2 kilos is too small as goods shipped into Tonga from NZ every year is about 10 tonnes.


Health specialists saying sugary food as well as fatty meat from NZ are contributing to a diabetes epidemic in the Pacific.


NZ food experts says it is crucial for people in the Pacific to be aware of consuming these types of food especially Tonga and Samoa where people suffering from NCD’s such as diabetes and obesity are on the rise.


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