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Tonga recorded highest cases of typhoid compared to previous years

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/10/2017


The Ministry of Health has recorded 38 cases of typhoid in Tonga since January to September.


8 were healthy carriers and 30 were typhoid cases.


The youngest patient is a 2 year old boy from the Eastern District and the oldest is in her 60s from the Eastern District as well.


The Supervisor Public Health Inspector – Sela Fa’u says the rapid spread of the bacteria was from the healthy carriers.


This is the highest record of typhoid cases in Tonga since 10 years ago.


The Ministry of health continues with its outreach programs with active cases on advising the public with health tips during outbreak.


This includes, adapting to hygienic lifestyle, clean water supply is healthy amongst others.


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