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Consumer Prince Index for September decreased

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/10/2017


The Consumer Price Index for September (CPI) 2017 recorded a decrease with a point one of a percent from August 2017.


In comparison with the previous month the local index recorded a decrease of 1.3 percent and import index increased by 9 percent.


Information from the Statistics Department states, the months of August and July recorded a decrease of point of a percent.


The annual inflation rate for September was 5.8 percent compared to August with 5.5%.


The local index increased by 2.6% and imported index increased by 8 percent.


The Food Group recorded a decrease of point 4 of a percent towards the index position.


However there 3was an increase in both local and imported meat such as fish and poultry but this increase was offset by decrease in prices of fruits, vegetables and sugar.


The price increased for products like octopus, suckling pig, frozen fish, mutton flaps, chicken pieces , corned beef, salted beef, jam, milo, fruit juice and peanut butter.


Statistic’s Department recorded a decrease in prices of vegetables and most crops including pineapples, tomatoes, carrots, taro leaves, watermelon, leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and taro wetland.


The Housing Group , household operations, clothing and footwear, transportation group index, tobacco, alcohol and Tongan kava roots recorded an increase while goods and services were decreased by 1.2%.


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