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PM Pohiva speaks at national dialogue on democracy this morning.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/10/2017


The National Dialogue on Democracy currently underway in Nuku’alofa was attended by the Hon. Prime Minister this morning, where he addressed the gathering on the issues surrounding his government and the current political status in Tonga.


Speaking at Day 2 of the National Dialogue on Democracy, the Prime Minister, Hon. Akilisi Pohiva said most of the issues discussed at this national dialogue directly involves himself, and the current caretaker government.


However he again emphasized the history of Democracy in Tonga and the constitution, quoting notable past conventions and the work they carried out to pave the way for democracy in Tonga today.


Having mentioned the democratic movement in the past, Pohiva said in the democratic movement of today it is important to remember the virtues which Tupou I based the formation of this nation and its constitution.


Pohiva then went on to encourage those in attendance, saying the importance of national dialogues is paramount to the development of the nation as there have been many issues arising from the recent political movements. Pohiva said there were many aspects of the political reformation in 2010 that needed amending and dialogues such as this are the best way to be able to better the nation.


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