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Sione Tafengatoto of Makaunga becomes the dux for Pakilau Middle School

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/11/2017


Sione Tafengatoto of Makaunga took home the valedictorian award for Pakilau Middle School of 2017.


Sione does not boast of his achievement as his own but gives all the glory to Heavenly Father.


Sione says, he is very happy to become the dux for Pakilau and says being at home and seeing the environment that he’s in, his father passing away and no good source of income at home has become his greatest motivation to study harder so that he will be able to help his family in the future.


Sione also encourages the students to stay in school and to the parents to continue supporting their children with their education.


His mother, Tilisa Tafengatoto expressed how happy she is of her son’s achievement as she has been supporting them up to this day when her husband has passed on and she hopes her son knows who to give glory to evertytime they achieve something great in life.


Sione Tafengatoto also had an older brother who became the dux for Liahona High School in 2009.


Meanwhile, Skyanna Lindsey Leilani Fonua took home the valedictorian award for Havelu Middle School.


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