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Police Investigate assault by a police officer

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/11/2017


A police investigation is underway regarding allegations from a family of a 16-year-old boy who was assaulted by police officer during arrest in Nuku’alofa on Sunday night.


The 16-year-old was with 10 other people between the ages of 15-47 celebrating in Nuku’alofa the great win by Mate Ma’a Tonga against Scotland.


Information from police states, even though no formal complaints has been made but the Police Commissioner Stephen Caldwell has requested for this investigation.


The arrested were made after a female officer and another police officer from the traffic unit attempted to stop a car on Taufa’ahau Road with 11 passengers being driven around Nuku’alofa.


Some of the passengers were standing on the roof and some were sitting on the bonnet of the car.


The arrestees were in various states of intoxication, refused to stop and continued to make loud noises as well as swearing at the two police officers.


The Two officers then called for assistance and five more officers responded.


The police officers managed to stop the group in front of the bus stop, where they were arrested.


The Commissioner said members of the group resisted arrest and force had to be used to bring the situation under control before it escalated.


He says Policing is a difficult job dealing with difficult people, normally under the influence of alcohol.


However, the 11 arrested have all been charged with offences relating to disorderly behavior, causing unnecessary noise on a Sunday, and using threatening and abusive language to the police officers.


Commissioner Caldwell appealed for good behavior from fans during the remaining World Cup Games.


He says, we wish our team all the best in their endeavors and to bring the cup home, but while enjoying the occasion he reminds and urge everyone to respect the law and respect each other.


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