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Locals in Vava’u extraordinarily marked Tonga’s win over Toa Samoa by splashing thousands of water-melon.

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/11/2017


Tonga extraordinarily marked Mate Ma’a Tonga’s win over Toa Samoa with a huge gathering and party over the weekend.


In the island Vava’u with about 4000 populations, supporters were throwing water melon at each as token of their happiness and appreciation for Tonga’s win.


Leiola Mailangi of Feletoa who owns the water melon market says, this is how they Vava’uans celebrate victory.


She says, they kicked and played with about 1000 watermelons that night just to show their 100% support to the Mate ma’a Tonga team.


However, Thousands that gathered in Neiafu on Saturday night sang, danced, cheered and float around town shouting “Mate Ma’a Tonga”.


Due to many people crowding capital of Vava’u, vehicles were not able to move so drivers and passengers of most vehicles got off and walk which cause vendors to throw their produce.

Meanwhile in Ha’apai – Noa Latu from Nomuka says, authorities on the island were so thankful that the next day was Sunday because they couldn’t handle the locals where they played with the church bells,marching around the island making noise.


Finau Tutone just like many others here in Tonga and overseas were just amazed with the boy’s performance.

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