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Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Tonga denies conflict of interest with clerk of Parliament

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/11/2017


The Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Tonga Lord Tu’ivakanoo has denied allegations that there’s a conflict of interest between his relationship with the clerk of Parliament.


He said in a media statement, these accusations are false.


This follows media outlets in Tonga distributing the resignation letter of the of its legislative counselSeinimili Tu’i’onetoa Fonua.


Her letter, addressed to the Speaker of Parliament states the reasons for her resignation, is the Parliament of Tonga is not independent, Dignity of the Speaker,using of staff for money transfer, issue regarding the Asian people and conflict of interest.


The speaker added , if the matter are illegal, she knows the right place to file a complain and to deal with the issue.


It also stated, the letter distributed has ruined his reputation and an alarm to the new place shes working at.


Radio Tonga contacted Seinimili Tu’i’onetoa Fonua and she says she was not aware that her resignation letter has been leaked to media as it was only directed to the Speaker and to the clerk of Parliament .


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