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Monthly migration increased by 18 percent in September

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/11/2017


Tonga’s Statistic’s Department has released the Migration Statistics for September 2017 which shows a total international arrival of more than 13,thousand people  an increase of 18% from the previous month.


Total air visitor arrivals in September 2017were 6,390, a 23.2% higher than in September 2016.


There were more than 37 hundred passengers arrived by Cruise ship for the month of September and 615 arrivals by yachts, a 71.3% higher than September 2016.


Of the visitors who arrived in Tonga by air, those who came on Holiday/Vacation made up 54.8% followed by those who came to visit relatives/friends made up 29%.


Visitors who came on Business or Conference made up 7.1% and the rest were not stated and other reasons.


New Zealand remains as the leading country in visitor arrivals by country of usual residence accounting for 43% , followed by Australia 21.7% (1,388) and America 13.0% (828).


There were 13,277 departures from Tonga in September 2017, with 9,188 leaving by air, 3,719 by Cruise Ships and 370 by yachts.


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