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Tongan journalist calls for Freedom of information legislation

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/11/2017


It is significant to have a freedom of information legislation that can enforce public’s right to information.


Tevita Motulalo a local journalist, says, currently information is scarce or come via leaks and rumors.


Motulalo says, if a legislation will be put in place, it will solve this problem.


He belives, that people who are the tax payers have the right to know what’s happening in government and such a legislation would help bring good governance into Tongan politics, which he says is currently divisive in nature.


And for journalists Motulalo says, freedom of the press gives them the right to report on what’s happening instead of Leaders giving the red light – because that will give corruption a  chance to thrive.


Lady ‘Eseta Fusitu’a the Former Minister of Information supported the idea and said, that’s why thousands of Pa’anga were spent on establishing the Ministry of Information to coordinate and manage the flow of accurate information to serve public’s interests.


Lady Fusitu’a says, she understands from the recent various national dialogues  there are certain measures that impacts the release of information from Government to the public.


Radio and Television Tonga News has contacted Government for a comment on the issue but to no avail.


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