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Tonga made history last Saturday by beating Kiwis 28-22

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/11/2017


Hundreds of Tongans in Christchurch New Zealand warmly welcomed the Mate Ma’a Tonga team at the airport with a prayer after defeating the Kiwis on Saturday.


Radio Tonga’s Reporter who’s currently in NZ- Vilisoni Tu’iniua says, the boys were quite emotional, experiencing first-hand the full support from the people since the beginning this tour.


However, Mate Ma’a Tonga’s Victory has drove Tongans around the globe going wild.


In Nuku’alofa, thousands of people proudly parading around town, honking their vehicles that’s been decorated with red and white balloons, people screaming and shouting from the roof and bonnet of their vehicles and even some got off their vehicles and walk on the road singing, dancing and shouting “Mate Ma’a Tonga kiai”.


Foreigners that was in Nuku’alofa at the time were shocked when tractors and trucks were used during the float.


Information from Radio Tonga’s Stringer in the outer islands says, the police couldn’t handle the people.


In Vava’u, Filomenga Hansen said, people went wild where two vehicles crashed and both drivers got off, hugged each other and saying Mate Ma’a Tonga.


She says, vendors were throwing their produce to the road and watermellon was everywhere. Filomenga said Asian shops had to close down early before their goods will go on the road as well.


Moimoi Fakahua from Ha’apai, Salome ‘Aholelei of ‘Eua, Falati Papani from Niuafo’ou and Louina Pongi of Niuatoputapu says, floats in each respective island started before the game.


They are now looking forward for Saturday’s game.

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