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Community Libraries thanked the assistance from Books4Tonga project

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/11/2017


5 village libraries in Tonga appreciated the assistance by a charity project known as Books4Tonga from New Zealand and Australia.


These communities include Tofoa, Hofoa, ‘Utulau, Fasi and Holopeka, Ha’apai.


Due to difficult access from communities into the school libraries, the Project Coordinator, Sam Lala says it was therefore an initiative to distribute these books to the selected communities.


“She looked at the schools to see if the books could go to the school but the difficulty would be if the communities wanted to get in to the library, they would not be able to get into the school if the school was closed and so they thought it best to give it to the community.”


He also says, these books will benefit the community as it will strengthen relationship ties between parents and children as well as enhancing the learning of the English language from a younger age.


“There is hope to improve English language in the country and to start from the lower levels so it covers all ages. There’s a lot of children’s book in there where parents can help their children and this is a good time also for parents to sit with their children. We’re living in a changing society where there’s a lot of movement. There is a lot of technology. Now, they can just get to the website look for anything they need. But here is something perhaps ancient but it’s beautiful. It brings back the quality of togetherness of telling stories which is gone now in the family. There are many books here for the children where parents can read to them and have that connection once more. We’re bringing back quiet a lot of things which is gone now through time & technology”


About 1,650 books were shipped from Melbourne in this shipment to be distributed to these said communities.


The Books4Tonga initiative was invested into four years ago led by Ms Cynthia Wallis from Australia in partnership with the Palu Aviation and the Rotary Club.


This project hopes more village libraries will open around the country including the outer islands, when the next shipment of books arrives in February.


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