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Princess Latufuipeka led Tongan Community in Australia’s celebration and support to the Mate ma’a Tonga team

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/11/2017


HRH – Princess Latufuipeka the High Commissioner of Tonga to Australia yesterday led Tongan community in Australia’s float parade – to show their 101% support to the Mate Ma’a Tonga team.


Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News from Canberra Australia – Lavinia Tunitau says, hundreds of Tongans gathered to the Office of Tonga’s High Commissioner in Canberra known as Pouono to join the celebration.


The program started with a prayer led by one of the Player’s Father – Rev. Dr. Tevita Pangai before parading around Canberra with vehicles all decorated with tapa cloths and red and white decorations.


Lavinia says the parade was led by the Federal Police Officers with one of them riding a horse as it demonstrated Mate Ma’a Tonga’s horse power.


They paraded through Parliament House, then to the PM – Malcolm Turnbull’s house before returning to Pouono.


Tongans from different parts of Australia travelled to Canberra to join the fun including FWC’s brass band in Sydney and various Tongan Kava Clubs namely Felingiaki and Fofo’anga Clubs.


In NZ, media has reported shops running out with flags, where Tongans have to go paints their own.


At the same time, leaders of Tongan Community in NZ are still appealing authorities in Auckland for a fan zone for Tonga, to gather the people there after the game to avoid them from committing crimes after the game.


However, it is understood that nothing will slow down people’s support to Mate Ma’a Tonga and authorities had called on the people to be calm, enjoy the game and be safe.


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