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Well-known musician in Tonga dies at age 58

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/12/2017


One of the well-known musician in Tonga from Hufangalupe known as Vakafeolahi Pole’o has passed away at age 58 at his residence last week end.


Vaka has composed and sung many songs as well as albums including songs released over the years from the Tonga Broadcasting Commission.


Pole’o is well known in Tonga for his live band and original Tongan songs and he is the backbone of the all the  success of his children.


Radio and Television Tonga interviewed one of his daughters, Lepolo Pole’o about her father’s biography.


Lepolo says, Vaka was born on the 26 of January 1959 to parents Kaveinga Pole’o and Tevita Pole’o and comes from children of 9.


Vaka graduated from Liahona High School and later received his BA degree in Visual Design & Arts from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.


He is married to Fuanileva Pole’o of Ha’afeva and has 5 children, Diane Pole’o Taumalolo, Darren Pole’o, Lepolo Pole’o Fifita and twins Suliasi & Kafo’atu Pole’o.


Vaka has 9 grandchildren altogether.


His funeral service will be held this Saturday.


One of his well-known songs is Tu’ilavoni.


That was the well-known musician from Vaini, Vakafeolahi Pole’o in singing one of his well-known song, Tu’ilavoni.


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