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MV partially hit by the MV Phoenix 88 last Friday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/12/2017


The crew of the MV Maui are awaiting for the New Zealand insurance company to identify the amount of damage caused by the MV Phoenix 88 when it accidently hit the ‘Eua vessel last Friday.


A spokesperson fro the MV Maui said, the MV Phoenix hit the right part of the MV Maui and the top part is partially damaged.


He believes the amount of damage will cost more than 1hundred thousand pa’anga.


The Tonga Ports Authority said the MV Phoenix was trying to deepen the Queen Salote Wharf.


Meanwhile – Pita Tu’ipulotu says the cause of incident was  from the gale and there was not enough cargoes on board .


There was also miscommunication with the captain of the vessel.


MV Phoenix is 68 meters long with 2thousand tons.


The Ports Authority is yet to receive any complain regarding the incident.


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